My Favorite Prayer

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With the start of Lent, the author of Worthy of Agape has decided to create a link up for either your favorite prayers or prayers a person finds amazingly great and wish to have them shared.

I decided that I should get myself involved and share my favorite prayer with not just you, the readers of this blog, but others who read her blog too.

My favorite prayer is a prayer I have done since 2009 after my first communion. I was lucky to have a lovely aunt, who not Catholic, but still bought me a book with Catholic prayers in it.

As I was going through the little book I found this prayer:

I give you thanks,

Lord, holy Father, everlasting God.

In your great mercy,

and not because of my own merits,

you have fed me, a sinner and you unworthy servant,

with the precious body and blood of you Son,

our Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray that this holy communion

may not serve as my judgement and condemnation,

but as my forgiveness and salvation.

May it be my armour of faith

and shield of good purpose.

May it root out in me all vice and evil desires,

increase my love and patience,

humility and obedience, and every virtue.

Make it a firm defence

against the wiles of all my enemies, seen and unseen,

while restraining all evil impulses of flesh and spirit.

May it help me to cleave to you, the one true God,

and bring me a blessed death when you call.

I beseech you to bring me, a sinner,

to that glorious feast where,

with your Son and Holy Spirit,

you are the true light of your holy ones,

their flawless blessedness,

everlasting joy,

and perfect happiness.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

This was written by Saint Thomas Aquinas, who was a Dominican Friars, but is still considered one of the best Theologians of all time. He wrote this beautiful prayer and the Holy Spirit spoke to me (not literally, though that would have been very ¬†interesting) saying, ‘This, the Eucharist is precious’. This prayer was (and still is) a perfect response from me of how important and precious the Body of Christ is to me.


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