On A Rainy Day I Reflect Upon…Part 2: What Am I Giving Up?

As I mentioned in the previous post Lent begins tomorrow. What will I give up? I do not give up any types of foods because of these reasons:

  • I am allergic to all types of seafood and fish
  • I barely eat any sweets anymore
  • I am so picky about food that I might not eat anything, which would be unhealthy

To many that would be a lot of lame excuses but there they are. That still doesn’t explain what I will give up this year for Lent 2013. I started thinking about Lent on my birthday (January 1st), which for many is very early. I finalized yesterday what I would give up and what I would do during Lent. Below this paragraph will be the list and explanations of my Lent 2013 practice.

  1. Giving up all secular books: I will be focusing on reading more of my religious books (such as: Jesus of Nazareth (Benedict XVI), Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week (Benedict XVI), Lift of Christ (Fulton Sheen)). I am unsure how many I will read during the forty days, I just hope all of them.
  2. Liturgy of Hours: I have been lacking in the department of prayer, especially the Liturgy of Hours. This means I will pray Office, Morning, Evening, and Night everyday. Hopefully my husband will like the idea of saying Night Prayer together (since he wishes to this Lent to pray more as well).
  3. Prayers: Praying the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  4. Quiet Time: Thirty minutes of everyday I shall make it Quiet Time, mainly to read my Magnificat Companions for Lent and Year of Faith. But, also just time to reflect upon  what I read and allow the Holy Spirit to inspire me or help me understand.
  5. Cut Internet Time: I will keep blogging during this Lent, but I am only going to be online for three hours throughout the day.

How should that look through a day:

0450: Wake-up

0600-0800: Office of Readings, Morning Prayer, Rosary, and Quiet Time

0800: Breakfast

0830: Shower

0900-1200: Computer Time

1215: Lunch

1230-1445: Cleaning

1500-1530: Divine Mercy Chaplet

1545-1645: Reading Time

1700-1730: Evening Prayers

1745-1900: Cooking/Dinner

1900-2100: Reading Time/Spending Time with Husband

2130: Night Prayers

2200: Bedtime

Now I can say this now, this is just a hopeful plan for everyday, but it can be changed with things going on, especially during the weekends or Fridays with Fish Fries. Also, if I get a job during Lent, this schedule will change.



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