On A Rainy Day I Reflect Upon….Part 1: Ash Wednesday and Lent

Tomorrow my world will begin to shift as it always has for four years; it is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten Season. As one of my friends mentioned, ‘Not everyone is a Lent person’ how true that is.

I am quite strong about Lent, it might be just the fact that my journey towards my baptism truly began on that Ash Wednesday four years ago. It was during that Lenten season that I truly understood and clearly could say, ‘I am going through this, come Satan give me all you got!’ And I will tell you he did just that.

Lent is not just that reminder of my journey home, but it hints towards my understanding of suffering. I have not had the best of lives, many things I have experienced no one person should go through, but I did. It was the suffering that I understand now that helps with forgiving of the experiences I went through.

The Lenten season helps me reflect upon the sufferings and the improving of myself; plus, it helps me strengthen my faith that in the Church I am still considered just a toddler.

My husband (who has come back to the faith after he began dating me) claims I am  extreme when it comes to Lent. What does he mean by that? His observations come from watching me not give up food instead I will give up reading secular books or give up using the kneeler when I go to Mass. (Even on Sunday, when technically, so much splitting hairs is not a part of Lent actually.)

He was raised in a sense to what I have been told by others is considered “Cafeteria Catholic”. (I am not saying giving up food is bad, either!) Lent is big, but not as big as in his eyes.

Sometimes I feel I make him feel bad because of it. There have been times he has spoken his disappointments in feeling not a good enough “Catholic”; he is coming fully back to the faith, he has layers of misinterpretations and poor teachings that he, himself must go through. I am there to help him and pray for him.

So, as I turn towards these next few hours before the Lenten Season begins I think about what I am doing this year during the forty days. How shall I spend them?

To be Continued…


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