Catholic Woman’s Almanac Vol. 1 Issue 29

::Moments of Gratitude::

For my husband to take me with him so I could attend the Navy Spouse Indoc.

For Ombudsmen who helped those who are new to the lifestyle of the Navy.


Should I take more walks in the evening? (maybe if my dinners are not long to make)


For the Church

For all those in the Clergy

For all those in Religious Life

For the Dominican Order

For those discerning their vocations

For all young adults

For the pro-life and pro-marriage cause

For all those in the military and their families

For the unborn and their families

For all those who are ill

For all those who are lonely

For all those who have died.


Store bought General Tso’s Chicken and white rice. (I will explain in another post)


Black pin-striped dress pants, 3/4 sleeve royal blue dress blouse, and black flats.


Nothing today


I had already went to NNPTC Welcome Center for the Naval Spouse Indoc. Then walked with two other wives back to the house.


Three to Get Married by Archbishop Fulton Sheen


Nothing today

::Listening to::

Frank Sinatra

::Wandering Around the Web::

Check out my Tumblr for my wanderings

::Liturgical Living::

Today is the third Tuesday of Ordinary Time.

::Around the House::

Clean the dishes and that was it!

::Looking Ahead::

Getting to know more of the wives but also I need to be cleaning these floors.



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