Sometimes Protectiveness can be overkill

Recently I got off the phone with my husband and he related to me something that had set me off. I personally understand people wanting to be protective and want to help the ones they love, but I cannot understand the action that is being taken by certain people. 

I wish not to go to far in to the details of the situation, let me just say that my husband said something to our female friend, to which if he had though about it more would have though better to not express the observation that most of the ladies had out loud to this particular one. He just made an observation and when our female friend said it hurt her feelings or that she took it personally, my husband was distraught and apologized to her. He worried he lost a friend by his observation, to which he knows he did not. 

So what am I getting at? Well during our conversation he mentioned that our friend was over the event, but her boyfriend is pissed at my husband. And my husband was told to watch himself, to which got me upset because I am sitting there going, ‘he said sorry and has not mentioned anything, learned his lesson and the boyfriend has to be still mad to the point they could get their butts in trouble with their careers.’ I told my husband do not mention my anger to our friend for I do not want her upset. 

But, this is the point I am making: I am all for men who are protective of their women, but sometimes your protectiveness is overkill and you need to learn to forgive just like women should (or if they have already). I find it a layer of what would become possessiveness, which is scary and can lead to dangerous problems. 

I think one thing that angers me now is my husband is going to be more stressed not just with school but now for someone who might be cause trouble. (Sigh) What a way to start the week.

Please forgive me if this entry seems angry, I am very forgiving of people, but I thought I should put it out there of my opinions of the situation.  


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