Moments of Grace


Today is March for Life and though I am unable to join hundreds of thousands I can say with all my heart my prayers are walking beside the marchers.

This week I think I have understood more of what it means to be self-sacrificing in a marriage and in general. As I mentioned in my previous entry my husband has started his first official week of Power School. That means I do not see him all but maybe three to four hours of a day. He is normally tired, stressed, and constantly thinking about how much time he has at home before he has to leave again. What is a wife to do: but love him of course.

So many times I hear people say, ‘it must be difficult’. Yes, of course it is, but it is well worth it. Seeing him for those three to four hours become treasured moments that God has blessed us with. To know when my husband comes home I can help ease the stress by letting him talk about the little things of Power School that frustrates him (shipmates, instructors, his overworked thinking process), to watch him eat a home-cooked meal smiling for sense of home that is in the food, and not only that but when he treasures a kiss before going back to get to complete the required study hours.

For many in society these little things are overlooked and in the end couples who marry begin to fight because there is little result of their loving marriage anymore. The couple together cannot handle waiting to see the results of their struggle. We come from a society that wants results now. In the end, true self-sacrificing is not knowing the results and truly you might never know, but to know the results are never the true point, it is taking those insufficient moments and making them shine like a jewel.

It brings me to how I connect my marriage and the March for Life. How can I relate? A person who is pro-life should and I hope knows the self-sacrificing they are doing when marching. They know nothing of the results, and might never know, but does that stop them? It does not. That ‘insufficient moment’ as some would call it to standing up for a child is for a marcher of pro-life a jewel, because see it is the jewel that society will never see until they look beyond their self-proclaimed golden fortune.

Pray for all those marching today.


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