Catholic Woman’s Almanac Vol. 1 Issue 24

::Moments of Gratitude::

Cuddle moments with my husband 

Blank notebooks


Which non-fiction novel should I start writing? 


For all those who are marching tomorrow at the March for Life

For the Unborn and the Elderly

For all those babies aborted and their families

For mothers 

For all those in military and their families

For the Church and the Clergy

For all Religious

For all in the Dominican Laity

For all those who are ill

For all those who have died. 


Creamy Herb Past with Chicken sided with Baked Apples with Breadsticks


Light Blue Jeans, Red Turtle-neck, white socks. 


Cooking tonight and organizing my notebooks and binder for my writing projects. 


Already went though to the NWS Library


Martin the Warrior by Brian Jacques 


Nothing today

::Listening to::

My Hands sung by Leona Lewis

::Wandering Around the Web::

Check out my Tumblr

::Liturgical Living::

Today is the feast of St. Francis de Sales.

::Around the House::

Putting dishes away. 

::Looking Ahead::

Friday is the busy day for me in the blogging world. 



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