A Phone Call to Granny

Yesterday, right before I wrote my daily CWA I spoke to my Great-Grandmother on the phone. I have been determined to call her at least twice a week. I might just call her more now after our conversation. She seems so alone and depressed; I know why though…my Great-Uncle’s death is coming closer to its one year marker. She will never admit that it fully, but she will hint towards it, especially yesterday talking to her.

Why I say I want to call her more is not to clear my conscience, but because she is Granny. I was always having little chats with her when I lived with her. I even would have the chance to have stories of her childhood told to me that no one else would hear. Plus, I want her to know all those years raising me in her home when my mom did not have us kids was a blessing in disguise. That she raised me right and the little things she taught us are useful and helping with being a military wife.

Talking to Granny made me think of another thing: I need to write more. I do not mean in my blog, but actual stories. I have notebooks of rough outlines, character profiles, research and etc, yet I never went beyond the borders of my mind. When she mentioned about my Great-Uncle I thought upon how I wanted to write the story of our last years together. (And still do!) I know it is late to say this but I have a resolution for the New Year: Actually make the effort of writing and finishing writing projects.

Thank you Granny, the phone call helped.


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