Catholic Woman’s Almanac Vol. 1 Issue 23

::Moments of Gratitude::

Cool, clear skies, and calm winds during my walk.

Owning the Liturgy of the Hours, helps me when I become stressed and look at the time to say, “Time for Prayers” it helps me calm down. 

My Great-Grandmother’s voice on the phone. 


What I was doing a year ago on this day? 

What should I clean tomorrow? 


For the Church

For all in the Clergy

For all Religious

For all in the Dominican Order Laity

For all my family and friends

For all those in the military and their families

For all those who are marching at the March for Life this Friday

For the Unborn and their mothers 

For all aborted babies and their families

For all those who are lonely 

For all those who are ill

For all those who have died.


Brat and Kraut Strudel with German-Style Potato Salad


Dark Blue Jeans, Long-Sleeve Black Top, and Gray Sweater.


Dinner, writing another blog entry, and then maybe (this is a maybe) write outlines to the writing projects that have been stuck in my head for awhile. 


I went to the Commissary today and I figured out that it is about an hour walk for me (to and back) which is a nice workout for me. 


Martin the Warrior by Brian Jacques 


Suscipio’s January Memorization and the Evening Canticle of LotH

::Listening to::

Hope Will Lead Us On sung by Barlow Girls

::Wandering Around the Web::

Nothing at the moment, but if you check out my Tumblr you will see what I have found around the Web. 

::Liturgical Living::

This is liturgically the second Wednesday of Ordinary Time, but for some it is the Feast of St. Vincent, who was transferred today because yesterday was the Memorial of the Unborn (Roe vs. Wade). 

::Around the House::

I was lazy today, everything was cleaned yesterday so I just put away the clean dishes today. 

::Looking Ahead::

Tomorrow cleaning the floors again and probably more reading. 



Hopefully when I go back to my hometown I will get my Kneeler and then it will be placed there for me to pray the Liturgy of Hours.


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