7 Quick Takes Vol. 4

Hosted by ConversionDiary

Hosted by ConversionDiary


This week I have been holding on to my resolution: to keep writing in my personal blog. Just last night with the help of a friend suggestion I will begin to write a recipe blog every night I make a home-cooked meal. My husband says it is a great idea too. So, please if you are a returning reader or just a new one please check out more from my personal blog.


While I have been keeping to my promise of writing more in my personal blog, I have neglected to keep writing in the other ones. Hopefully, with many prayers I will start back up those other blogs in the month of February. Once I got a system down I hope I will be able to live up to my promise.


Last night my overjoy of writing something else for my personal turn me into finding music to download on my MP3 player. I can tell you I was living it with adding more soundtracks of music I have been looking for since I got my MP3 and just could never find. Joy, pure joy in that regard.


In ten days I will be married for a WHOLE MONTH! It just feels like two weeks not almost a month. While I am still working on finding myself in military life I can say I do have one friend other than my dearest friend (who is my husband). She is a friend of my husband’s and we have become really close by the fact we are kindred souls as I mentioned in previous blog. I am just wishing more of these military spouses were more I guess active in getting to know their neighbors. You never know what a new week will bring.


This past week though I have accomplished a few things. For one, all rooms except the guest bedroom and the study have been unpacked and organized. I even got to use my sweeper! It was nice to say ‘I got things done in the house’. Why even this morning as my husband was getting ready for Muster I told him I will most likely clean the bed-sheets and sweep all the floors except the two rooms I mentioned above.


I should mention one thing I learned this past week about South Carolina. Their weather is more unpredictable than I was thinking. Yesterday it was a nice day, I walked to the Library and walked back. Everything was fine, until later in the afternoon, the wind got gusty and finally when my husband got home I was seeing garbage from other homes blowing away and trash containers falling over.

Because I hate littering I went outside, and to think I thought it would be warm like around 12pm, NO; it was really cold for a young woman who was wearing a tank top and khaki capri. I had to run back in and put on a zipped-up sweater. I, finally after dealing with two stupid doors secured the trash and recylcing containers. But, that gust of wind was like the every now-and-again wind storms we would get in Ohio as a after-effect of a Hurricane. I know I am weird.


Finally, I am starting to get anxious about updates from Mrs. Lora Innes. She is the artist and author of a webcomic titled: The Dreamer. I highly recommend the series, especially to those who love comics, but also love American History. (Clearly if someone asked a question of who likes American History, I would have shot my hand up so fast it would have been funny.)

Mrs. Innes has helped me fall in love again with the American Revolution. (I was in love with just Mr and Mrs. John Adams only and a little bit of Washington.But, because of her I have called my laptop, Hale after Nathan Hale, whom is my favorite character in the series….even if I know how it ends for him.) I will not spoil it for you, but it is a free webcomic that is updated every Wednesday and Friday (Late night Tuesday and Thursday).


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