Walking always makes me think more.

Lately I have been focusing on writing daily CWAs that I forget to actually write a blog entry.

I have been married for only twenty days and sometimes I feel I am a total burden to my husband. He has so much on his shoulders and it doesn’t help that he sometimes feels like the worst husband in the world. I do not view him as that, but he does, mainly because he is an on-to-go personality and can be lazy, but getting up at 0630 and in school for do not know how long, I would just consider that the case of “too much on the place”.

It was while I was walking to the NWS Branch Library that I began to think about these past twenty days. A constant thing kept coming back within my thoughts; it is just twenty days of a long winding path to God. We are together linked and reaching Him who is our Father.

I thought of the discusses made by the two of us and how sometimes we differ on things and the stress he is having with a wife and a Naval career. Bumps in the beginning of a marriage are always there, especially I think for military. We are brought up with ideals of a true marriage either by our experiences or by what we dream of as a perfect marriage.

This entry might never make any sense, but I wanted to write it out in words and not just let it stay in the comfort of my mind.


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