Catholic Woman’s Almanac Vol. 1 Issue 13

::Moments of Gratitude::

The feeling of my nails after the gel paint fake nails were finally taken off, such a joy to feel those lovely real pieces of my fingers and thumbs.


What else I can fix up to make the house more like a home.


For those in the military

For the unborn

For those who are sick, especially Jennifer Fulwiler

For military spouses

For those who have died

For all in the priesthood and religious life

For our (my husband and I ) families and friends


Leftovers tonight


A black pin-striped dress-pants, royal blue 3/4 sleeve and vintage looking black heels.


My husband made Mousse, if that counts.


Went to Mass at St. John the Baptist Cathedral and then went Tanner Nails to get my gel paint nails off.


A Father Who Keep His Promises by Scott Hahn


Our Dinner Menus

::Listening to::

Well more of really watching Ghost Hunters Season Seven Part One.

::Wandering Around the Web::

In God We Trust by Kathryn Lopez

A “Fan” Live Action ‘Toy Story’ by Disney Blog

::Liturgical Living::

Focusing on keeping to my prayer life now that it is now Ordinary Time.

::Around the House::

Cleaning Clothes

::Looking Ahead::

Tuesday is Library Day to print off some of the paperwork I need to put together for registering to our new parish.



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