7 Quick Takes Vol. 2


Wedding invitations are finally coming together! I know many are saying, ‘your wedding is like what, fifty days away and you are going to be just sending out your invitation?!’ and frankly my answer is YES. Do you know how difficult it is to even get addresses and what is worst trying to constantly feel I am asking a brick wall. (author of this just sighed). So today, I am gonna to be writing out the addresses I have; my only hope is that my handwriting is not that bad (for I think my handwriting sucks).


Catching up on all the shows, which mind you I do not watch as much television as many would think, so it was weird when I was looking at the DVR with up to ten episodes I still need to watch. Wow, that is a lot, but then again, I am so picky that I think I should mention that I posted an entry awhile back about the shows I would be watching. (I think I need to write what I am thinking about each of them as of right now, because some are finished for their seasons; which is a disappointment.)


The aftermath of election brings me to this question: why is it that I have to be verbally attacked when I did not choose the one who was voted, even though I have said nothing of my opinion of the results? I tell you I had co-workers trying to ease me to state my opinion of the results. I was calm and said nothing; I do not like who was elected, but he is elected and all I can do is keep protesting in the non-violence manner of the policy he and the majority of his party are doing. I never truly ask anyone who they voted for, that is their private opinion, for me I am very visual on who I had voted for. I had co-workers who were UPSET that I did not listen to President Obama’s victory speech and they decided to put it on loud speaker on their iPhone as they would pass me. I was pissed (for when I mean pissed, I glared, but did not yell my outrage) I told them I did not listen because I was so against him, no I did not listen because I WAS SLEEPING. (I have an deep ear infection…so I was trying to sleep as much as possible that night.)


Anyways, should I mention I am having two Bridal Showers…I was quite confused when knowing this, I was worried that this would cause problems (which problems were arising anyways in the families, not saying which). But, in the end I learned that it is not all that unusual! So, I am having one Bridal Shower with my friends and family on one side and my fiance’s mom is hosting the other Shower.


Speaking upon Wedding things, I have to say something has been nagging me, it has been nagging me since my great-grandmother asked me a question. The question was about my little sister, for since they moved into the house Granny and I live in she sleeps in my bed with me. I have never seen any problem because since she was so small I would keep her in my room so I could hear her. (For I helped raise her since she was eight weeks old) But, when I was asked about why I was letting her sleep in my bed, I thought about how far away I would be from her and that these last few weeks are truly the last times I will be able to say I would be very close to her. Though she is more of a brat than ever now that she is fourteen, I cry thinking I will not be there for Prom or when she finally has that first boyfriend. For JR he will worry that I might be cold feet, I won’t it is just a part of myself that I must work on. Sometimes I feel that I must look onto Blesseds Diana, O.P and Jordan of Saxony, O.P. for guidance upon this, for their letters embody the life of loving someone from a distance.


Did I mention I finally broke down and bought a PC game? I was always a fan of Sims, not because I could play out my wishful thinking of what I wanted out of life, but because I liked to be distracted and liked playing out stories with the Sims. So, this past week I bought Sims 3 (to which I am literally three years behind everyone, but who cares) and I must say I was glad for it, it helped a lot with pulling out stories that had been nagging me as I was trying to sleep. It was a nice thing to have relaxation for those stories by putting them to good use in a game. Plus, I am not an addict so I will play for two hours for a few days (or more) and then leave it for a few weeks. I have been that way even with books, video games, and papers (unless they had a due date). I might write an entry of what I think of Sims 3, but I will say if I have the money I would like to get the expansion packs of Seasons and Generations (who would not want to play out a snow ball fight?!)


Am I at seven, really? I must say I have hoped I do get better with these, because I like the idea. I hope this would help sometimes clear the brain for more things to store. Plus, it would give me something fun to do!


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