Moments of Grace

I have always heard “give it all to Jesus”. I never could quite understand that until recently. I have been stressed and pulled different directions; arguments ensue and sometimes fowl words are given.

During the Mass of All Saints’ Day I was sitting alone, those who I knew do not like the front pew for reasons they give, so I sat there, alone. And in that loneliness in which even now is so difficult to convey in words I was able for the first time to truly “give it all to Jesus”.

I felt the weight of sorrow upon my shoulders, the un-shed tears of irritation welling up in my eyes, and the constant holding my hands as a beggar wishing only for scrap of His love. For me to give it all is really not just mentally saying, “I am giving it all to you Jesus” no, it is physically showing that you are giving Him all.

I know for a fact that I still feel the sorrow and unworthiness and lonely feelings, but because I am able to show it, it is making it easier to convey how I feel (even when I have still a few problems) but sometimes all He wants is for you to give it all and not put it all on yourself. He did not give up His life for you to do it all, no.

So, my moment of Grace is learning “giving it all to Jesus” is not just a nice consoling statement it is truly a strong action.


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