7 Quick Takes Vol. 1

Note: I have never done this, so please forgive me if it is not the best in what it entails and I hope maybe those who do this will help me make sure I am getting the hang of it. Anyways onwards!

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First time for everything: I had been lately neglecting my blog, not for the reasons of people were not reading; but clearly for the fact I have a difficult time conveying what I am thinking or even contemplating. (Though I am told over and over again I don’t know how strong I am expressing myself, don’t quite believe it.) So, I made a goal of trying to write “7 Quick Takes Friday” and a weekly “Catholic Woman’s Almanac”. Which brings me to….


Neglecting not only my goals, but also prayers. Many of those who read this entry would never believe that I would neglect in my prayers, but I have. I think that is what has caused a lot of my stress is the lack of prayers, but also keeping things in.


Today is All Souls’ Day one of my favorite feast days! Some consider me morbid, but I love praying for all those who have died. This year I might not get to go to the cemetery until maybe Tuesday. So, on Tuesday with my Rosary in one hand I will walk the cemeteries (I try to go to a few) and I will pray for them and ask them to constantly pray for me, an unworthy person, who doesn’t deserve their prayers, but desires it all the same.


If today is All Souls Day than yesterday was All Saints’ Day! I went to the later evening Mass, but I am very glad I did for Fr. Michael, OP the pastor of my parish helped me to realize something that is becoming a theme for this 7 Quick Takes; that even the greatest of the Saints had a difficult time with Prayer. How many times have we sold ourselves short because we find ourselves never even close to the greatest of those Saints (even ones who believed in the little way or placing other sins as their own). Fr. Michael reassured me when he mentioned that all had a difficult time with this and with much work it is what made them so remarkable! Another thing he mentioned and I will mention this on here is: God created us to be happy.


Fifty-six more days until I am married! It is difficult to believe that less than two months I will be married. My future husband and I have been dealing with a lot stress and have shown our strain in little verbal arguments but once we talk through it we ask each other for forgiveness. The quickness of the wedding coming up makes me anxious and I ask for prayers.


Not all my anxiety comes from just how close the wedding is, but also with difficulties at work, though I will not indulge in them I am noticing that I am becoming more and more stressed and feeling like nothing is good enough.


In the end I just ask for prayers, prayers, and did I mention prayers. I hope that this 7 Quick Takes is not very bad and that hopefully I can do better next time. Please pray for me, but for those who are forgotten, lonely, abused, scared, in the military, and who have died this year.


2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Vol. 1

  1. Welcome to Quick Takes! I will be praying for you. Wedding preparation time is super-stressful time, but also full of blessings.

  2. You did GREAT for QT!! Everyone has their own style!
    What a lovely idea of praying the rosary while walking the cemetery.
    Weddings ARE stressful, lots of planning all coming together at once, for one day and a tremendous transition. Just try to breathe, make sure you get lots of photos and video b/c the day is gone in a blur……after all that stress…..congratulations, it truly is a wonderful time!!

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