Catholic Woman’s Almanac #1

Thanks to Suscipio and my friend, Em I have decided to start doing something weekly (which I hope helps me not only write, but to un-clog my mind). So, please forgive me for a crappy first time.

Moments of Gratitude

~A great Sunday Homily.

~Speaking to my soon-to-be-Husband.

~Spending time with one of my Maids-of-Honor.

~Bed, Bath, and Beyond will print out Registries for free.

Beauty in the Ordinary

One thing I have always loved about living in Ohio is the seasons, most especially the Autumn. The leaves changing colors to make a beautiful piece of living artwork that I will truly miss as I move to a climate that doesn’t have seasons like I am use to. Right now this is my last Autumn in Ohio, so I hope only to savor it and appreciate to beauty that God created.

From the Kitchen

Nothing as of right now because I just don’t know what to fix :/


There are many things I am praying for, but here is a list:

-For all those who have died.

-For my boss who stresses out a lot.

-My great-grandmother, who turned 91 last week, she is having trouble with her hip again.

-For my mom who is going through a rough spot.

-For my soon-to-be Husband

-For all the unborn and their families.


How to convey my answers to the pre-martial questions given to me by the priest who is going to be officiating our (JR and I) wedding Mass. I cannot tell you how difficult it for a person who has difficult time conveying her thought vocally let alone writing them.


John Adams

A Father Who Keeps His Promises

Three to Get Married

Maginificat: Year of Faith Companion



Moon River” sung by Frank Sinatra


Invitatory (Psalm 95)


None for this week’s post, sadly. 😦

Plans for the Week

Well, on Wednesday I will be spending the afternoon with a friend to which we will be packing some of my room up. Thursday, spending time with my friend and then spending time with Jesus (Holy Hour) and then 20s Group Meeting. Saturday, I will be going to my little sister’s last competition for Marching Band, State Finals and then spending time with girlfriends. Also this week I will be finishing my list of those inviting to my wedding and pre-martial questions will be sent to Father.




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