Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I would say it does in fact do just that. While my future husband can tell me the percentage of how much we have been apart I can only describe it being years. I am not saying that I will be this way when we are married and he is sent to sea, but right now the distance is kicking my butt.

Really where it is kicking is not having that constant companion who is able to convey and understand how I am feeling at the time (I will say this there were a many occasions where I really needed that wing-man because it involved holding ground with Church Teachings and etc). To feel that I am just being a burden to those who need answers from me, when in fact I have no idea how to give them the answer.

I know that once we are married it will not be smooth sailing but it will be a combine strength of a great sail to reach that with which we both desire: God. In all this distance one thing has helped me…that through the aches and the pains of all of this God is there with me and He is with my fiance.

I, also know that many would claim I am doing just fine, even my fiance because I know how to hide my emotions in (though there are some who will claim I cannot), but I know I need to be a rock to others who need to be just that.

To be perfectly honest, I have a difficult understanding why I wrote this, but I felt I should write something since I have neglected this for so long. I am hoping that soon I will have the courage to write again on here, to express myself again and give a review of how I am doing not only in daily life, but in my path to finding my way to the Lord.

Pray for all those suffering from lost.


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