Labor Day Weekend

It feels like forever since I last wrote here. And that is probably true. I thought while I was sitting at the Charleston International Airport (to which I should mention I am staying overnight here at the airport) I let you all know how my weekend went.

Labor Day weekend was one of those important weekends, a weekend that I will treasure. JR and I decided that I should come down to Charleston, South Carolina. There were many reasons to come down here: visiting the city I would live in by January, a getaway from everything. But, our real reason was to see each other, to hold each hands and look face to face as we spoke our minds either in venting or in praising. I think most of you all understand that.

When my flight touched down on the CHS (Charleston International Airport) runway I was excited to find JR. He told me he was gonna to surprise me, I never understood why he would be. But, how he surprised me was he wore the uniform I would see him wear on our Wedding Day. He looks GOOD in his blues. 🙂

We really did nothing on Saturday once I arrived, but Sunday was that fun-filled day of things to do.

We first went to Mass at Saint John the Baptist’s Cathedral (which is the Bishop’s Chair); much of the structure reminded me of Saint Joseph’s Cathedral in Columbus. There are some difference actually, the Eucharist is not in a side altar, but in a center altar that reminds me of the altar at my home parish, Saint Patrick’s. Not only that, but the feel of the Cathedral was almost home, I know that no matter what parish Jesus is always there and it is the same Mass, but for some reason certain parishes I feel the urge of home. Saint John the Baptist’s was just that, home. JR had the same feeling and hopes with any luck him and one other Catholic Sailor will take the thirty minute trip from Base to downtown Charleston to go to Mass there instead on base.

After Mass (which I took pictures, but as of right now I cannot upload them, so I am sorry) we headed to Patriot’s Point, which is a Naval/Maritime Museum. In this museum you are able to go onto three decommission vessels of the United States Navy: USS Clamagore (SS-343), USS Laffey (DD-724), and USS Yorktown (CV-10). Oh what beauties they are. JR said it best: In the complete silence the walls of each would speak to you of their story in World War II and beyond. I think we could have done a lot more if it wasn’t 97 degrees, I am hoping during the “winter” it is a lot cooler (Only thing I ask is that no one tell me to put on a winter coat when it is only 65 degrees!) that I will want to stay on the vessels much longer and take more pictures. I will say I was pleased to be able walk on something my great-grandfathers must have walked on at one time or similar to it (JR when you read this my great-grandfather, Raymond was on the USS Thaddues Parker (DE-369)). We spent nearly four hours there and even had a wonderful lunch too, I recommend having the lunch.

Once we left there we went back the hotel and took a nap, because the heat literally killed us and we wanted to be awake enough to enjoy the night, which entailed a Ghost Tour of Old Charleston Graveyards!

I know, I know I will have many saying to me, Catholics do not believe in Ghosts or Ghosts don’t exist. I have heard that all of the time, but still I cannot deny what I have seen. Though this is not Church teaching, I truly believe many of the “ghosts” are souls in purgatory, walking around to remind those to help them with prayers to remove the stains of sins that hinder them to look their best to see the Lord face to face. Some “ghosts” could be already in heaven and are seen because they care for all souls and still have a mission with the Lord of saving souls through their prayers. Finally there are other “ghosts” who have been damned to hell and they show themselves to find ways of you bringing you into the hell they themselves are in.

JR asked me how can all three exist in this “theory” of mine.I have not found how to answer that, but I will mention that the Church did not teach me this, I find I have always thought this, because I could not stand having people telling me the spirits are trapped and my “theory” evolved into what I just mentioned.

The Ghost Tour of the Charleston Graveyards was awesome! I will say I regret not bringing my Rosary, because all of those were forgotten and I hate to admit it, but Ghost Tours and Ghost Hunters make it worst and not better. They reach out to the singular “ghosts” and not the souls in the whole. Plus, with those who are interested in “dark magic” and etc. they come to indulge their thrill not help those whom they are learning about.

I, of course that no matter what anyone tells you, will take picture, because you never know if “they” will make themselves know. To which makes me want to pray for them more. I will say out of all of the pictures I took, only one thing came up that made me really say “hmm”. I know that I cannot stand those who say “look ghosts” and all it is “orbs” which is mainly dust, a bug, and etc. Yet, I can say I got a singular “orb” that from what I could see had wings (which would consider it a bug) and all the other pictures I had not dust or debris, so I could disprove this one thing was any of them. I cannot say it is anything important, but it was interesting.

JR and I had made an agreement that we should go on these more often and even better actually go on our own. But, why else would I want to go on these Ghost Tours, the history is really the heart of it all for me. Because the “thrill” you hear mainly the darker stories of the past, but I find that I cannot help want to know about the area and learn as much as I can about the area.

After our Ghost Tour (which I recommend going on them, especially Bull Dog Tours) we both decided to go to something that reminded me of Buffalo Wild Wings, but I love this place food. JR can agree! The place is called Wild Wing Cafe, it is a chain restaurant, but only in four states. It was a great place, until they began to fill the place with a loud bass and rap music.

Charleston I will tell you this was just waking up by the time we left for the hotel. Even little kids were out and about without their parents, and they were the ages of eleven or twelve. IT was ODD! I told JR as we walked back to the car that yes, this town is nothing much than a party town, but that up-beat is not what resounded, it was the Old Charleston. I thought about how I felt if these walls could talk just like the Navy Vessels, I could just sit and absorb everything. And just like the Naval Vessels they knew how to talk even if you were not listening.

Monday was kind of that day where we had to acknowledge that everything was ending until December when he comes home and we are married. I cried a little as he left (I am so happy one of his shipmates decided to give him a ride back to the base). I cannot wait to countdown until our next time seeing each other.

For those who read this blog, thanks for sticking by.


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