I just got up for one thing…

I went to bed by 3am and was certain I would not wake up until 11am, but for some  reason I woke up at 9am. But, that would be a lie for I know why I woke up at that time even if I was tired.

Today is Wednesday and that means one of the greatest gifts arrives through the mail. A letter from my fiance, JR. This letter was one of the joyous ones he has written since his departure to Basic. I think the phone really helped not only me, but him as well. The letter made me cry and blush.

There was a bubbly happiness that envolped me and when I went back to sleep, I held  the letter close to my heart and added bonus was I held Buffalo Bill (Darrell’s Stuffed Animal, I think I have said it enough times to piss people off). I finally woke up and folded some of the clothes. Tonight I am going write to him while I am on break at work. (For I have to work 6pm-2am, this week I am working literally close to 40 hours)

God Bless


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