Feeling so unwell and writer’s block

Personally, I would like to just sleep the Tuesday away. But, I cannot for it is just not in me to do so. Since Sunday I have been feel like crap and wish I wasn’t. I really have no idea what started the crap-like feeling to tell ya’ll the truth.

I think it could be the possibility of my sugar being low again with all this heat going on in my home-state of Ohio. Gotta say close to 90 degrees is not fun for me. I have constant headaches that go from mild to extreme, a lot of times with lit rooms by the sun or artificial. So, I ask that ya’ll pray for me.

This morning before I went to bed, I wrote a letter to JR (I wanted to write it on Saturday or Sunday) but I was either busy or was hurting too much to concentrate. Tonight, I hope to write another letter to JR and send it tomorrow. I hope to receive another one from him too!

Speaking of JR, for the first time since his departure to Basic I was able to hear his voice. JR called me right after I wrote my last entry on Friday. I was crying from just hearing him say, “You answered!” To have that twenty-one conversation with my dearest friend made me feel absolutely bubbly. I am gonna to treasure that conversation. He told me that the next time we would be able to speak on the phone would probably be on July 6th, but he could not promise. Either way, I heard from my DEAREST FRIEND!

Today I have been looking at my Fanfiction and FictionPress profiles and see how much I want to write, but there seems to be a block in my thinking. I always seem to have stories pop into my mind and all I gung-ho about writing them and then suddenly I am unable to write anything. It is so frustrating! Truly, I hate it! I wish to write, maybe that is reason for my headache, too many ideas!

God Bless


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