Saturday and Sunday

Saturday was Graduation Day for one of my little brothers ( I have five little brothers). Shane is the second eldest out of my little brothers. I am so proud of him, and yet there is a sense of regret that I have been going through. For you see, I am not the best of older sisters to come by, not even in the slightest. There is a gap I have with three of my brothers due my decisions and I have no one to blame but myself. Going to his graduation made me have to really confront it, no matter how I would like to deny it.

Shane, Daddy, and my Stepmom all tell me it is fine and love me either way, but it hurts to know that I could have done more and bridge that gap. It is due to this that I am determined to not make-up what I know I can never get back, but not further the gap either. Better late than never as I have heard from a good many people, but never do I feel that it relates to me more than with my Daddy’s side of the family.

Sunday, I was picked up by Nicky, a good friend that I met thanks to the Saint Patrick’s 20s Group. Nicky and I went to Saint Patrick’s for the 10:30am Mass and you can tell when Summer is arriving because the Brothers from the Dominican House of Studies were there. Every year during the Summer a few of the Brothers of the Dominican Order Providence of St. Joseph will come to the parish to help out at the parish, but also this is to give them experience to ministries of the parish, but what they will see when they become Priests and are station at a certain parish. Supposedly there are to be four Brothers this Summer. Which is great!

Nicky and I after Mass went to IHOP, which if you have never been there, I highly recommend them! We spent a good time together and I feared I talked to much, I rambled a lot, but she is a wonderful listener and it seem we understand one another very well due to the similarities of how we lived (no exactly though). Nicky dropped me off after we left IHOP and then I took a nap.

Though this entry is a bunch of rambling I have to say this: I LOVE DVR. I really do! When I got home from work early this morning I got to watch a brand new series: Longmire.

Longmire is that present day western that I have been waiting for. Sheriff Longmire is great, reminds me of a combination of John Wayne, Joel McCrea, and Gary Cooper. After watching the first episode I thought of how my great-uncle, Darrell Beaver would have loved to have seen this series. I am excited for next Sunday to see the next episode.

Alright time to go!



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