Rain would be nice…

It has been two weeks since I last seen of my beloved. I have had no word from him, but I can say he has heard from me. I pretty much make sure of it! It has been difficult and it took most of the first week to take the change of not hearing his voice and even his ringtone (there is still that point where if I hear that song, I hold back tears). There are times where I think: what would JR say to me at this point? I cannot wait for July 13th to hurry up and get here.

Yesterday was Memorial Day and I wanted to personal do things yesterday, but no, I slept it all away. I was upset with myself and actually cried when I finally woke up. I hate when I get this way, because what has happen is my body is starting to react to constant heat and so I get this ill-like state. I do not know how else to explain it, but literally I drag myself out of bed and hope never to pass out (I have not done that yet, and I hope never to).

What I was hoping was to read a little and watch some war movies, but also officially say the Office of the Dead prayers for those who fought in our country and those who are still fighting. I did do a few things though; I listened to Taps and Eternal Father on Memorial Day as a reminder of what that day was for. For it is not just a government day-off it is a day that we honor and remember the men and women whom have served us.

It was on Sunday that something unexpected happened. I spent the day with a friend of mine whom I had not seen or spoken to in a while. We had been dealing with something that we both know are at fault in some form or another. While it is difficult to give the complete story without the other explaining their side, I just want to say keep us in your prayers as we try to mend what we can of our friendship.

It was on that day that I got two things for me:  The Secret World of Arrietty DVD and new shoes. They were well worth my money, no matter what anyone says to me. I had wanted to get the DVD since I knew of its release. If no one has seen it, please rent it or something because it is a great version of The Borrrowers.

The shoes were a necessary thing, because if any of you had seen my previous pair, it was a needed thing. I literally tore the bottom a part. That was after having them for a year. The only thing about this new pair is they do pop out like a sore thumb, but oh well. They are making my feet not hurt like they were. (Yes, I was in so much pain I was tempted to think about cutting off my feet, but thought that just was not possible or nice to do for me or anyone.)

I think that is all I can write about right now, but hopefully this maybe storm will cool down the area. It would be most kind, would it not?


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