Recommendations and thank you

It is a much cooler house than it was a few hours ago. And it seems Granny is much better than she was when I left. And to add to the plus, I finished the dishes.

In this post I want to give a thank you to someone. Lately since JR has went to Boot Camp there has been a person whom has been making sure to talk to me. That would be my supervisor, Tami. It is nice to have someone to talk to as I go home or ready to go home.

I know that JR and I both worried that after he left I really would not have anyone else to speak to and so I would lock myself in. Tami has been nice enough to listen to me and actually make me feel it is alright to talk, to have a conversation. So, this part of the entry  is a thank you to Tami.

This is from the mangafox website, I do not own this picture.

After washing the dishes I was able to get online and saw that a manga I read had been updated. The manga is titled: Kimi wa Kirakira or in English (as it has been translated, You’re Sparkling). I have for many years been picky about mangas for many reasons that I wish never to get into.

Anyways this is the first manga that I have seen about American Football. I mean it was different because I am use to the archery, kendo, baseball, or soccer plots, but never American Football. From what I can read of it now, because it is being translated (thank you for websites like MangaFox or I would never find these good mangas) it seems to be a good plot and kind of cute, but does not make it into a second rate plot or a soap opera (watch some of the shows I have seen on television and personally you will see what I mean).

If anything, I would say if you like to read mangas please check out the manga.

God Bless.


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