It begins

This marks the fifth day since JR has been at basic training and this day also marks something else as well. This is the first day that I am applying my “goals’ calendar”. What is this? It is where I have a calendar (or planner for me) and I have goals I make for each day, as a way to keep myself busy, but also give myself a reason to keep going. Hopefully I will make a post at a later time expressing what it contains.

There is something I want to mention something that has bugged me for a few hours. Whomever reads this please never think I am bashing you or anything. I have been given encouragement about writing letters to JR and what to do, but there was a suggestion that took me for a loop and certainly my opinions may be very rash.

A person gave a suggestion to write in a journal and then at the end of basic training hand JR the journal. Personally, my first thought was that is a good idea, but then I thought about it some more and a few things popped in:

  • Giving him the journal at the end of basic would really take away the point of encouraging him through basic.
  • Writing a journal everyday supposedly for him, it would for me feel like just writing a journal for myself, which I find is selfish.

Writing to JR through letters (no matter how many) is my only way to communicate to him and give him that complete encouragement I know he needs to keep going, even though I believe no matter what he is doing just fine at basic. Just a few moments ago I wrote a few lines, I know that these will not reach him right away, but I know he will get them while he is in basic.

A journal I have learned after some time is something of a personal nature and really you direct it towards God and yourself, and you can constantly go back, but what my future needs is something that is constant while he goes through basic, something that when it is a bad day he can look back at.

I wonder if this makes any sense, but I must get going, need to wash dishes and fold some clothes before getting ready for Mass.

God Bless.


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