Forty-eight hours ago, my fiancé, JR gave our final hug at the security check point at Port Columbus. This hug and memories will have to satisfy both he and I for the next eight weeks. JR has gone to boot camp for the United States Navy; there is a sense of pride and warmth knowing that JR is choosing to serve his country. I had always known the disadvantages of this life, but knew I would overcome them; it just would take a little time and a lot of prayers.

I cried when I walked away from him at security; I did not want to make it any more difficult for my dearest friend with this parting. We will meet again, but absence of him does take a strong effect on me and I know it is the same for him too. We also knew what would happen, that this day would come and yet I do not think anyone can be prepared even if they are a veteran to it.

I must say that I am grateful that my mother and little sister were able to come with me (plus, they provided transportation for me, too). I did not have support like I was hoping for this; many I knew were unable to attend or did not care to come. Whatever the reason, I thank both my mother and little sister for being there for me. It meant a lot to not only me, but for JR too.

Hopefully, in the next few days I will be adjusting to the absence of my dearest friend. Also, a package should be arriving from boot camp with his belongings and all the information I need to write to him. I am ever anxious to write to him. I will not tell him in detail my anguish of not having him around, but will certainly write him encouragement to keep going and stay in constant with the goal in site.

May ever the merciful Lord be with him as He has always been.

While JR is away I must keep myself occupied and so, with the help of a few people one main goal is getting my licenses, even if I am afraid to no end of driving. This is a must-do thing. Another thing I am thinking of doing is reading and writing more. I need to, sleeping away the days is something I should not do anymore and will not help me in the long run. So, hopefully I will soon write down and even post the goals and eight week plan.

I have really nothing else to add at this moment, but hopefully soon, I will have another entry to write.

God bless and pray for JR.


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