As Holy Week Approaches

The Eucharist is a great call to conversion which bears fruit in transforming lives.

–Blessed Pope John Paul II

It was Thursday morning after work that I realized that the Lenten season is approaching to an end. Good news for me, my vacation time was approved and so I am off all of Holy Week (starts April 1st).

Normally during Holy Week I give up all secular things (music, television, movies, etc.), for I really in my best wishes want to reflect on things. Most think it is crazy, while find it a brave thing to do. I just find it a normal thing to do, if you get my point.

This year though, I have decided to keep up with my social media outlets, just no games though (so if you are playing words with friends with me, I will be gone all next week) and I am keeping up with writing in my blogs. So, I am not going to disappear or anything, I will still be typing away. 🙂

This year’s Lenten season was a difficult and is certainly just been plain difficult for me. I started this Lent with the lost of my great-uncle and I started with pulled emotions with friendships. Coming towards the end of the season and I am still trying to handle my mourning (to wish as I have mention before the void of him gone).

I have also, comes to terms with decisions on friendships and my values, though for many they may seem unclear and selfish, I have legit reasons for them. I wish those involve happiness in their life, nevertheless I cannot handle the feelings I get.

I cannot believe it has been close to three years since my baptism and full communion into the Catholic Church. I feel like I have always been Catholic, for it seems to engulf me. I love every bit of that feeling, but there are days I wonder what God has in store for me next, I still such a baby in the Church. This Holy Week I am hoping to reflect on this and as well to whatever God wishes to reveal to me.

God Bless.


2 thoughts on “As Holy Week Approaches

  1. I, too, was thinking about how Lent is almost over, Easter is almost here, and it has been almost three years! Where did the time go? It’s amazing how much changes and how much we grow in just a short period of time. I wish you all the best in your last week of Lent.

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