Refreshed in Prayer life

It is these breaks that we are able to try again in our Lenten promises.

I remember on Sunday Fr. Gregory mentioned this in his homily at the 7am Mass. And so today

was my first since Dominican Laity Chapter meeting to really get in groove with what I normally would do and what I added. It was very refreshing really, to say the least.

Picking up my Liturgy of the Hours Vol. II up and seeing the picture of my great-uncle there made me smile because I knew he would want me to say my prayers. And I said them out loud just like I use to when he was alive.

It has been difficult to believe that yesterday it was one month since my great-uncle went to be with the Lord. This whole month has felt like it has been longer than that really. I only felt the reminders when I went to Mass and then I went to Saint Patrick’s Vigil at the parish. There were times where I was going through the motions of my great-uncle in the hospital and not gone physically from this world. This trying to finding “normal” is really annoying for me, because I just cannot find it. Hopefully, with this re-focus on my prayer-life will help it a little.

If God is love, charity should know no limit, for God cannot be confined. –Saint Leo the Great

Sunday was a great day for my fiancé, JR whom graduated from The Ohio State University. I can say I know how he felt on Sunday, sitting there just wanting your diploma in your hands and holding your joy that you made it. And actually he did just that, I watched him shake Dr. Gee’s hand he walked down the ramp and say “I’M DONE” and a look of joy and then joyous tears.

It was a moment that I even cried a little because his moment was glorious. I wish I had brought my camera, but could not because my memory card decided to disappear. (I will find it) It was that reason that no matter what drama I was having in my life and with people I could have a time of my life because JR was happy.

Before the Graduating Ceremony I got a NOOK Color, that is a story to itself, but right now I do not want to re-tell the story. But it is surely a very interesting one. Tonight, JR is gonna to help me get set up so I can use the NOOK. I am excited about this, because I consider this a big investment for me, especially with the idea that I am still gonna to buy actually books because I just cannot see myself wholly living off of NOOK Color. I will give a little review of my impressions of NOOK Color when I can get to it.

A generous spirit is itself great wealth. –Saint Leo the Great

JR’s mom took us to the Fish Market after the ceremony (which JR did get a picture with Dr. Gee after the ceremony, I will ask permission to post it on here from JR). This was a great place to eat, this is coming from a person allergic to all types of fish and seafood (at least this place have alternatives like a great chicken dish and even they let chiefs know and they have special kitchenware separate from the rest for those with allergies). She paid for the whole meal, I was shocked, because I was going to make sure I paid for part, did not know how (since the event with B&N, but like I said later) but was to pay some, she would not hear of it.

As we left the Fish Market this strong storm starts and I saw lighting and heard thunder, but what I heard next was sirens. I know that is bad, when you start hearing them and it is not Wednesday. I told JR we need to get going. The most dramatic of this all was at the start of the drive at a traffic light where lighting stuck an electrical box. Which blew right beside me, I saw the blue, sparks, and then flames. I have never experienced that. It did not help JR at all that we went through three waves of hail. The best part was Granny was safe and we made it safely to her house.

For a person to encounter the goodness of Christ in another person is in particular to encounter himself for what he really is. –Servant of God Madeleine Delbrêl

You are noticing that I am placing quotes throughout my entry, they are quotes that I found truly reflect something, but sometimes I do not need to explain the reflection the quotes speak for themselves. I just wanted to explain that to all of you if you were confused.

Anyways, today my main goal is to work on laundry and take out all the trash. Plus, let Granny know I do not remember if I turn on the air or not, she just thinks I am fibbing, but I am saying this on the blog, I just remember turning down the temperature that is it. If I did I am sorry, but I do not remember. Just because I am twenty-four doesn’t mean I cannot have my moments of forgetfulness.

Nevertheless, the goodness of Christ considers them all curable. It teaches us that this “who we are,” which has been so manhandled by the world, possesses a value that is absolutely independent of wealth, power, smarts, influence, strength, and success. – Servant of God Madeleine Delbrêl

I cannot think of anything else to write, and I need to write in my American History blog.

God Bless

We don’t constantly need to “try” over and over to get healed. God will come to us if we can’t make it to Him. Nothing, absolutely nothing can get in His way, except our own attitude. –Stephen N. Fillippo


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