Maybe It Is Just Me

Are you Voting today?

I stayed up after work, not to wait on my friend to call me (whom did not, which to me is no biggie), but to make sure to get to the polls.

Voting is a big deal for me even if it is not the big vote (in November on a executive election). I grew up in a house that no one voted, and why you may ask they did not vote:

a) They voted once and either the person or the issue never passed and so they believed their vote never counted.

b) Voting was a stupid thing to do on a Tuesday.

When I was a senior in High School my government teacher explained to us that to vote means you want a say in the government, no matter what party or platform you vote upon. You will not let yourself not be represented in anything. I strongly hold that because I find that there are many citizens in this country who do not vote and then turn around and complain how their taxes are high or how it just seems politicians are thieves. Well vote!

It was around midnight during work I was speaking to a co-worker whom told me he was not voting, I was shocked to say the least. I asked why and he said because there is nothing going on that would make him believe he should vote (especially since he doesn’t pay the taxes his parents or family members pay).

He said he would not want to be like those who would protest and go on rallies for a cause to vote. When I asked if he would complain if things were wrong, he said he would not he would obey whatever the government made into law and such forth.

He is honest, but honestly, I found myself in front of for the first time, a government robot that they have wanted for so long. A citizen whom will obey every law even if it is against his morals. (And I am not saying this to attack this man whom I highly respect, but still).

Do you know someone who is like that? I wanted to look at him and ask, “Do you not care if your religious liberties were taken away?” or “Do you care if your taxes are used for things you morally disapprove of?” I never thought I would meet someone of my generation not wanting to vote. It shocked the daylights out of me.

Even so, that made me even more determined to go to the polls today, because I do care about my rights, I do care who runs this country, which should be the people whom have representatives to represent them accordingly. I do care where my money goes, and I do care about my religious liberties. I will vote and vote and VOTE so that my voice will always be heard.

So, for those who live in the states that have primaries, are you going to vote, or you just gonna be the government robot?

God Bless,



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