I must be weird

Since my great-uncle’s death, one of the big things I have done is delete or cancel recordings that he set on the DVR system. (He watched a lot of television!) I have kept a few of the series because these shows he would watch the most and he said he would watch them with his Dad. I watched the different series, which were all westerns or frontiers series and out of them all I kept two of them.

The first is Bonanza, I thought the character were great, but my favorite was Hoss Cartwright, the gentle giant. The storylines were never pushing the limits of cliffhangers and drowning the series, but each episode was a tiny story given a beginning, middle, and end. (Most of the time). Plus, watching this show, I kept saying, gosh JR reminds me a heck a lot like Hoss (except for height).

The second is Daniel Boone, which just like Bonanza just has great characters and episodes are just good, no cliffhangers.  I like Daniel Boone the most of course because he just seems like that whom thinks and contemplatives what to say before saying it and normally it comes from experiences.

I have fond memories of my great-uncle watching these shows and I remember one time he told me to come up to his room. When I did he had a smile on his face and said, “I got to see an episode of Daniel Boone I have NEVER seen before.” He was so excited like a child with a new toy. I had to smile because he seem to brighten, and so now I have become hooked. I will sit or lay down with his stuffed Buffalo named “Buffalo Bill” and watch Bonanza and Daniel Boone. I might just need to buy the series on DVD/Blue-Ray so I can have a marathon.

I just thought I should write about my added addiction to my life thanks to my great-uncle and great-grandfather (his dad) which now includes those two shows, but has on the list John “Duke” Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, and Gary Cooper. Plus, since my new favorite character is Hoss Cartwright, I have a fanfiction playing through my head to help through my grief…I am going to thank my great-uncle when I see him again face to face.

God bless.



2 thoughts on “I must be weird

  1. My dearest friend, I understand your loss of Darrell. It is always difficult to endure the loss of a loved one. He and I were close friends. Despite the fact that he and I were opposites in many ways, He and I were close friends. I miss him too! It is understandable that you watch his old shows. If it brings you solace, then so much the better. You must keep his memory alive. He is dear to each of us. He is OUR friend. he really IS! I love you my future wife.

    • My dearest friend,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. He is very dear to us, and maybe just maybe, I will get you hooked to the shows too.

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