Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference

I just ten minutes ago I purchased my ticket to the fifth annual Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference. (

I started going to this event back in 2009 just before I was baptized and in full communion with the Church. It is a great event for all Catholic Women, especially in the Columbus Diocese.

There have been a lot of great speakers in the past few years since I have gone. It was the place I was first exposed to Teresa Tomeo, and other women in the Church who express that women are not oppressed by the Church, NO quite the opposite.

This year’s speakers are interesting and I cannot wait to hear what they have to talk about. Most especially Leah Darrow whom, it was not until I was reading the little bio on the site a few months ago that I started following her on twitter. Each speaker has something to deal with the dignity of women, from human trafficing, post-abortion retreats, modesty, and love for the heart of Jesus.

I will after the conference, which is on February 25th (which is also the day that changed my life, I will explain on the 25th about that) and give you some full coverage, with a little commentary.

God Bless!


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