Date Night

Tuesdays, are special; they are so special to me because it is date night. JR, my fiance surprised today with another bundle of BEAUTIFUL red Carnations. We talked a lot and he was surprised with a phone from a buddy of his, to whom we have been worried about since he never has returned the phone calls.

It seems this buddy was wanting to the only true friend he had, JR. JR, in those moments when he talking to those whom he has such a TRUE connection, it bubbles me up with joy that JR is the man is to marry me. What an honor and gift that is!

Our dinner was simple and cheap, but just cooking at home is something I like to have with JR. While during that time we discussed a lot of things, especially dealing with my emotions and he just was worried about me. He listened and gave some advice of what he thought I should look at.

Spending quality time with him was wonderful even though I knew it would end sooner than I wanted. When he left I looked inside my house and thought how empty and quiet it sounded even with all the rain and wind hitting the house. One day I will be going through this, but at that time it will be on a Naval Base waiting for him to come from mission.

Just thought I should write that out.

God Bless!


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